Surrogacy Expert in Delhi

Surrogacy (Gestational Carrier) involves another woman or Surrogate carrier (birth mother) to carry and give birth to a baby for another couple, who are unable to do so themselves. Gestational surrogacy is an option when the woman has severe uterine anomalies or medical conditions, where it is not possible or, not advised to go through pregnancy.

The procedure involves creating an IVF embryo/s from the intended parents and implanting it in the Surrogate’s womb to carry to term. The baby so born remains genetically related to the biological parents and not to the birth mother.

Elixir Fertility Clinic which is run under the supreme patronage and guidance of Dr. Puneet Kochhar is committed to Ethical Surrogacy. As one of the leading surrogacy expert in Delhi, we impart highly successful and satisfying surrogacy program. Many couples feel upset, frustrated or guilty about their inability to become pregnant. Our surrogacy program is just a reason to bring back smile to such desperate couples or parents who are driven from pillar to post in the pursuit of bringing happiness in their life. We also offer Donor Egg and Donor Sperm programs to help couples wishing to be parents, but are deficient to do so for various reasons. Like our Gestational Carriers, our donors are thoroughly screened for infections, diseases or any transmissible genetic conditions. These methods mean there are many ways for people to build families.


When is this suggested?

According to the surrogacy expert, the intended mother should have the following problem:

  • has severe uterine disorders like fibroids, severe endometriosis
  • congenital disorders
  • cannot carry a pregnancy on her own
  • has had a hysterectomy
  • has been advised against pregnancy for medical reasons like severe heart problems, that may cause health safety concerns


What is involved?

  • The sperm and egg are taken from the intended (genetic) mother and father.
  • IVF procedures are followed to obtain embryos.
  • Resulting embryos are implanted in the surrogate mother, who has been treated for retaining them for pregnancy.

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